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Company Profile

Originally spelled as "Petalful", the addition of the suffix "ful" was meant to create an idea of "full of petals". It was not long after that Kelly decided to name her business after her late father, Chua Yat Foo. Hence, Petalfoo.

Petalfoo was founded by Kelly with the desire to create arrangements that are different, and unique. Not being limited to the typical standards of floral arrangement has allowed Kelly to let her creativity flow in creating bouquets that are more than just bouquets. From fairy lights, to confetti tubes, to money bouquets, as well as edible bouquets, we specialize in customizing bouquets that are perfect for any and every occasion! With every bouquet crafted with lots of love, and sincerity, your order will be sure to bring a joy to your loved one(s).

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Terms & Conditions

Not applicable for event services.

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