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Company Profile

Founded in 2012, Camaca was established in Taiwan for the sole purpose of creating healthy desserts WITHOUT compromising in taste.
That is why 95% of all Camaca products are sugarfree.

Camaca specialises in 3 areas, Gelato, Chocolate and Coffee.

Only the most premium ingredients are used in making Camaca's desserts.
Examples include using chocolate from Switzerland, vanilla beans from Madagascar, fruit puree from France and many more.
Also, to ensure the best quality, all products are made locally in-house.

Camaca also employs a special team of coffee bean hunters in Japan sources only the best beans worldwide.
With over 20 different bean varieties, Camaca's coffee is truly a place for the coffee connoisseur.

Today, Camaca is an international brand with outlets in Taiwan, Malaysia, Shanghai and Singapore.


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Website - AA Loyalty Card.png
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