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Yu Dian

Company Profile

Yu Dian is a brand started in Taiwan Taichung specializes in drip chicken essence, with over 50 years of experience we manufacture the best pure drip chicken essence.

Our drip chicken essence is made from black feathered chicken from Taiwan's chunghwa village, with no added water, additives, colouring or any other meat, additionally it is made for convenience, only needed 3 minutes and drip chicken essence is ready to consume.

Yu Dian pure drip chicken essence is best for pregnancy as it helps on baby's development and strengthen mummy's immune system, not only for pregnancy drip chicken essence is also best for elderly, working adults and students as a natural energizer.


- 10% Discount code for Alliance members and customers throughout the period of collaboration
- Discount Code: YDAA10
- Discount code can be redeemed at

Terms & Conditions

- No purchase limit
- Can be used on top of promotions given at the website

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