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Pilates Body Pilot

Company Profile

Pilates Body Pilot offers THE BEST quality in group and personal training sessions. We are the "go to" studio if you are in pain, desire to improve on your sporting abilities or for general well being.

We back up on our statement by our many satisfied long term clients' testimonials.

Our mission is "an integrated holistic approach" to understand why you suffer from your symptoms. We believe there's always a reason behind every action. You can expect to set yourself free, relax and have fun. The moment you let go, you start to understand and listen to your body more. You feel renewed and gain deeper awareness of who you are at Pilates Body Pilot.

Website & social media:
Instagram - Pilates Body Pilot
Facebook - Pilates Body Pilot


Before joining the personalised group classes, clients must first attend a minimum of 2 - 4 intro private sessions at $100 per session
(no further discount).

Personalised Pilates group class:
10 sessions $428
20 sessions $778

Toned & Fab Exercise & Nutrition Programme

Link to fully explain the nutrition & exercise coaching services:

A $100 review session (U.P. $150) is required to ascertain fitness level and demonstrate execution of exercises.

Option A - Exercise & Nutrition Coaching

Special rate at $57.78 per person/month

Option B - Exercise or Nutrition Coaching
(Either one)

Special rate at $48.15 per person/month

Terms & Conditions

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