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The Little Things

Company Profile

We realised that cooking, baking and working with their hands in the kitchen, are skills that many of our children lack today - and we endeavour to change that. We seek to bring more children into the kitchen to explore a world of food, ingredients, getting their hands dirty... and of course, to savour the fruits of their labour!

While whipping up their feasts, children pick up other crucial life skills, including language, numeracy, science, problem-solving, working in teams, and much, much more.


1. Our Little Baking Kits
Our Baking Kits are created and pieced together especially for you – families who crave time & space to engage “food”-fully! We hope to save you the laborious task of purchasing quality ingredients, then having to store (or worse, throw!) the excess away, or needing to trial-and-error amidst the barrage of recipes online. It is our wish that this little project of ours creates good memories, good fun, and good food for the entire family. We’re taking the baking, cooking and learning into your homes!

Enjoy a discounted promotional price on our baking kits by ordering through the link:

2. Playdate & Parties
Bake and cook together in a cozy setting with a bunch of friends - in our studio, or even virtually!
5 pax @ $250
(Virtual Bakeoff - $38/pax)

Terms & Conditions

Contact us and quote "Aspire Alliance" to make a booking.

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